Akhil Aniff- Healthy Habits that Set Him Up for Success

Akhil Aniff- Healthy Habits that Set Him Up for Success

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Movember is coming to a close, but the conversation on men's health certainly isn't. Tapping into our community of Misters, we are learning the issues most pressing in men's health and sharing them straight from their source. 

This week, we are hearing from a particular mister who is participating in Movember along with sharing with us some of his personal healthy habits for success. 


Ahkil is partaking in Movember with family at heart. He has had a number of family members either impacted by or at high risk of developing cancer. 

His goal throughout Movember is to start the conversation on, and raise awareness for regular cancer screenings and genetic testing for cancer markers. These screenings provide the opportunity to detect cancer before it can begin, saving countless lives. 

In addition to being an advocate for cancer awareness, Akhil asserts that in staving off adverse health issues, men's health is cumulative not segmented. 

"It is important to do things that balance your health across all sectors: emotional, mental, and physical."

Akhil's healthy habit routine is simple and effective, taking into account each sector of personal health and well-being. 

Akhil's Healthy Habits for Success

Like many, Akhil stresses that in order to achieve total health, all facets must be taken into consideration: Physical, Emotional, and Mental. Here are a few helpful habits Akhil shared with us:

  • Physical: Exercise every day, not only to maintain physical health, but mental as well. 
  • Emotional: Invest time in personal relationships. This is a key part in Akhil's routine. Health is not single man's journey, it takes a village to support and be there for one another.
  • Mental: Read often! Reading on subjects that interest you, sharpens the mind and broadens one's perspective. 

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Some quotes have been paraphrased from customers.

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