Ed McQuillan - No-Shave November and the Importance of Total Health

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We have hit the midpoint of No-Shave November. At this point, you are probably no stranger to seeing friends and family rocking bushier beards and bolder 'staches. Who knows, perhaps you and friends are holding a competition to see who can sculpt the most magnificent mustache? 

This week's mister, a seasoned No-Shave November participant, shares with us his favorite part of this month along with lending his voice to the ever-expanding conversation on men's health. 


"I have participated in no-shave November for a number of years now, and always enjoy the competition between friends and family."

We all know that health is not a single-faceted concept. It is an interconnected web of mind, body, and emotional care that, when combined together, results in the enduring achievement of total health.

For Ed, the importance of total health became all the more real after injuring his ankle last year.

"If you're mind is off, it can hinder you physically. When your body is out of sorts, your emotional health takes a hit. Total health is interconnected, making it important to take care of each aspect."

In the process of rehabbing, Ed became invested in working out, walking, and taking further steps to improve his mental and emotional health. He states that this has been, "The best thing I have done for myself since I was in college."

Now that's what we call winning. 

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Some quotes have been paraphrased from customers.

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