Morning Habits: Create a Better Morning Routine

Morning Habits: Create a Better Morning Routine

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We're morning people. Don't hate us just yet. 

That being said, in a few minutes, you too can become a morning person. Well, if you want to.


To get started...

Get sleep!

I could never wake up before 7 AM if I didn't get at least 7.5-8 hours of sleep minimum. Not everyone is like this, but I'll only spend two more seconds emphasizing, you need sleep. How you get it is another challenge.

Consider trying to

🌚 Set a bed time for yourself. Literally, 9 PM? Great. If you have an alarm to wake you up, why not consider having one that tells you to go to bed.

📱Set a bed time for your technology (I say this as it's midnight in front of my laptop, woops!). On most nights, shut your laptop off as early as possible. It can be done, but it does take effort

🏃🏽‍♂️☕️Have a reason to get up. This might sound dramatic, but it's not. Pick a friend to meet for a morning distanced coffee, tennis match or walk. Not every morning, but 2-3X / week to get started. You'll feel a difference.


In addition to getting sleep, we also brainstormed additional ways to help you get the most out of your morning that you won't find on any other site, because we curated them from you.

  1. Create a morning playlist - or follow our playlist.
  2. Habit stack. Consider who and what you're grateful for as your brush your teeth. It's a better way to spend those mindless 2 minutes than looking at yourself in the mirror.* 
  3. Set a weekly goal. Mine this week was to take out the trash and send a postcard in the mail. It's YOUR goal, but if you set it then you get to crush it.
  4. Practice some self-awareness and get rid of that what's weighing you down. Literally, throw 'it' out. Old, empty bottles. That random extra sock that will never match. Giveaway or throw away.
  5. Get a plant. If you don't have a pet right now. Get something that is calling your attention in the morning saying HEY YOU, YOU THERE. It's a friend during COVID and another fact to throw into the mix, more plants are also shown to improve moral. Let's plant away, (every damn day?).
  6. Read a book. It might sound contrarian, but try flipping through 4-5 pages of a book that you've been itching to start. No ones watching, you're at home. And it might even spur a new and great idea, or it might just make you happy. Both are equally important for us.
  7. Put the S**PF where you'll see it. Whatever you don't see, you likely won't use. So hide the bad shit - sorry, 13 and up on this page, and put the better items front and center.
  8. Workout! Really, endorphins. Science! It's proven, do it. Yoga.... boxing... walking to the kitchen and back. Try to get that heart rate PUMPING. 

Okay, what else are we missing?


*For some technical 'proof', a Harvard study showcased that practicing gratitude exercises daily for just a few minutes is proven to make you happier.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

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