Robert Feggins Jr. - Growing his Movember 'Stache for Men's Mental Health

Robert Feggins Jr. - Growing his Movember 'Stache for Men's Mental Health

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It’s November, and Movember is the perfect time to open up the discussion on men’s health.

We can all benefit from increased dialogue on mental, emotional and physical health. That’s why we’re interviewing members from our community to share their stories and speak on the subjects pertaining to men's health they feel are most relevant. 

Let us introduce Robert Feggins Jr. 

This month, Robert is growing out his mustache to show support for the Movember Movement in hopes of opening up conversations around men's health in his daily life.

We asked where the focus should be centered when talking about men’s mental health. 

Robert emphasized the importance of creating spaces where men are comfortable and supported enough to feel safe asking for help. 

Robert adds, “It helps to talk about what you need help with. To not hold it in, and let it consume your life in a negative way. It's also important to have a neutral perspective involved in order to better understand how to work through your problems.” 

Mental health is only beginning to take the forefront in the conversations regarding men’s health. With rates of depression and anxiety of men on a steady rise, it is time to tear down the wall of stigma and listen to the struggles men are facing. Impactful action can only come from compassionate understanding, and that first requires listening. 

We all know that healthy habits add up to a healthy life, so... 

We asked Robert for his personal recipe for success in his day-to-day. 

Robert combines hard-work with fun, ensuring that his mind and body stay sharp and cared for. 

“My routine consists of,

  • working-out at least 5 times a week. 

  • playing a quick pick-up basketball game or shooting around the court.

  • keeping my brain a well-oiled machine with daily crossword puzzles, brain games, and reading.

  • cooking

  • and listening to music." 

If you’d like to add to the conversation and be considered for a spotlight, let us know here.

Some quotes have been paraphrased from customers.

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