Welcome, Modern Ritual. The why behind our rebrand.

Welcome, Modern Ritual. The why behind our rebrand.

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In 2020, on a chili winter Sunday afternoon, we sat on zoom, 100s of miles apart, and asked ourselves, were we really doing this? 


For context, the ‘we’ here is Dr. Goldstein and Elianna, the mother-daughter team behind Modern Ritual. 


Dr. Goldstein or ‘mamma bird’ has treated thousands of men with skin cancer. Education and patient care were and still are her passions in life. Elianna worked in corporate venture capital at Boeing, but in 2018 saw her father get treated for skin cancer, and knew that she and her mother had to do something about it. 


Rebranding is never easy. You leave behind something special and authentic. But in this case, while we will miss the catchy name, we realized that it didn’t fit you, our customer.


We spent the last year talking to you as much as we possibly could. Asking what you liked, loved and of course, disliked about what we were doing. When we launched Get Mr. we selected the name, because we felt like it represented a modern male. But since launching, we heard that you saw us as something bigger. 


So how did we go from GetMr. to Modern RItual?

We spent the better part of 6 months working with our friends at Manhattan Studios and SuperCo, pouring over our customer interviews, reviews and level set on what we wanted to build for the future. We didn’t want to throw out our old name, it’s a part of who we are as a company! But we wanted to build upon it with a brand that associated with what we felt most strongly about, that what we were doing was a modern twist on a classic part of our everyday lives. That skin health would become synonymous with all other forms of our bodily health.

 The words that came to mind? Soft Science, Empathetic Expertise, Relaxed Reliability, Prioritizing Progress. So we took the M and the R and we found words that related this balance of new and old all-in-one, together. 

What’s old is new and what’s new is old.

Our name, our logo, and yes, our packaging are changing but what stays the same is our commitment to the highest quality, dermatology-grade products, and services that are affordable outside of the dermatology office. 


Our formulas remain the same, developed with the highest quality, multi-tasking properties to help men have their healthiest skin. 

While we might look a bit different, we took much of what was already a part of our brand and brought it to the forefront. And we hope you like what you see, even if we’re only getting started. 

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