Young Inside and Out: Men's Skin Health by Decade

Young Inside and Out: Men's Skin Health by Decade

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How does my skin change as I get older?

The importance of skin health and prioritizing a life-long commitment to your skin is not determined by gender- in fact, men are two times more likely to develop skin cancer than women. Your skin health changes as you get older and as a man, there is no free pass to ignore the risk of skin cancer or to assume that the same anti-aging habits that work for women are irrelevant for you. No matter what life stage you find yourself in now, or what history you have with caring for your skin, below is a deeper look into a fresh start for your face tailored to your age. 

Men's Skin in their 20’s

Prevention is the name of the game. You might feel like wrinkles or brown spots are still miles down the road, but a skincare routine in your 20’s can make all the difference. The most important thing you can be doing throughout this decade, or any decade, is wearing a daily sunscreen to ensure you are protecting your face from harmful UV rays that damage your skin and speed up aging. We know- it’s no easy thing to prioritize. Your sister or girlfriend started wearing SPF in her makeup years ago. But there is no time like the present- and this is your sign to get started! 

Washing your face is also important, as well as getting sufficient sleep and staying hydrated. Your diet, level of physical activity, and topical skin products are all ways to lay the foundation for a lifetime of skin health. Think of this time in your life as an investment in your future self - glowing, young skin for years to come, and a safe path to avoiding the risk of skin cancer.

Men's Skin in their 30’s

The skin elasticity and quick cell turnover rate of your youth are beginning to slow- you might begin to see fine lines and a bit of dullness to your skin tone. The college days of long nights and a few beers too many might be in the past, but your skin will be thanking you- just like you, it might not bounce back as efficiently as it once did. However, your prime is certainly not in the past- and proper skincare will keep you looking young, fresh and handsome. This decade is another important time to be wearing a daily broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen- wrinkles are caused almost exclusively by the harmful rays of everyday sun exposure. A quality aftershave is also often encouraged for men in their 30’s as their skin needs more specialized care- luckily, there are products like The Daily that doubles as an aftershave for an antioxidant-packed two-in-one. 

Men's Skincare in Their 40’s

Your skin is the largest organ in your body- and in the same way that your gym routine keeps you in shape, your skin needs to be maintained as well! Men in their 40’s who have not spent their 20’s and 30’s laying the groundwork for great skin can begin making up for lost time by ensuring they are cleansing their skin properly and wearing a daily sunscreen. For those of you who have been protecting your skin for many years, think of your 40’s as locking in the benefits and maintaining the protection you’ve prioritized in the past. Don’t let up now! Gravity has really begun to work against you, and your collagen levels, which have been keeping your skin elastic and firm, will really begin to drop. Never fear- you’re certainly still in the game, and with the right players on your team, this decade can continue to be a skin health victory. If you are someone at risk of skin cancer due to family history or frequent sunburns, be sure to check in with a dermatologist for a skin screening and personalized skin health recommendations. It’s worth being said again- also be sure to wear a broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen every day, rain or shine. 

Men's Skincare in Their 50’s, and beyond

As you mature and embrace the salt ‘n pepper, visible signs of skin aging pick up their pace. If you haven’t already, this is a crucial time to begin regularly seeing your dermatologist for a skin screening to ensure there are no skin cancer spots that need to be addressed. Most basal cell carcinomas (BCC) and squamous cell carcinomas (SCC), the two most common forms of nonmelanoma skin cancers, appear after age 50. And when it comes to skin cancer diagnoses- 57% of people diagnosed are men, a percentage that only increases with the number of BCC and SCC skin cancers diagnosed per individual. If you have spent your life shoveling snow off the sidewalk, doing yard work, fishing, and going for a run without the proper skin protection (sunscreen and skin protective clothing and accessories), then this is a crucial decade to involve a dermatologist with a skin cancer specialty into your skin health routine. Just as it is important to see a dentist for a check-up to ensure the health of your teeth, your skin needs the same care and attention, especially as you turn 50 or older. 

What to Remember 

There is no gender when it comes to skin protection- the idea that women are the only ones who need to pay special attention to their skin has resulted in higher rates of skin cancer in men than women. There is never a time in your life where protection and prevention are not important. As you age, your skin health requires the right products, the right lifestyle choices, and the right information around early detection to keep you safe and healthy throughout every decade. If you aren’t already using a broad spectrum SPF sunscreen every day throughout the entire year to keep your skin healthy and young, we recommend The Daily by GetMr as a product that will meet all of your skincare needs. If you aren’t interested in keeping up with several different bottles and their respective uses, simply use The Daily as a moisturizer, sunscreen, and aftershave. And more importantly, as a safe and effective way of protecting your skin at any age. There might be no fountain of youth- but a great sunscreen does come close. 

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