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How the Modern Ritual Tele-dermatology Virtual Consultation Works

It takes 5 minutes to complete your virtual consultation.
Answer a few questions, take a photo and that's it. No video chat required.

We know waiting can be stressful. That's why we email your recommendation back in less than 2 days from a board-certified dermatology provider

If you do require an in-person biopsy or follow-up, one of our care navigation managers will reach out to assist you in being seen sooner than otherwise possible

Is my dermatology consultation covered by insurance?

At this time, our virtual consultation is available only through cash pay online!

You may request a copy of your receipt to request reimbursement when using your FSA/HSA account.

Why do I need to rent a dermascope to look at moles but not rashes? 

Dermoscopy is a highly effective tool to triage moles and waxy bumps for skin cancer. It may increase effectiveness from 50% up to nearly 95%. This means fewer unnecessary biopsies, fewer unnecessary in-person appointments and when you do need to be seen in-person, we can help you be seen faster than otherwise possible.
If you'd like assistance in having your photo taken, you may visit one of our in-person triage centers found here

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