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Endorsed by Dermatologists

Dr. Jimmy Krell

"It’s a great all-in-one daily face lotion for men. With non-greasy, mineral sunscreen, many of my female patients purchase it for their sons and husbands too."

Dr. Devries

“I always recommend The Daily to my male patients. It's a no brainer."

Dr. Beth Goldstein

"I started Modern Ritual to ensure all men could have their healthiest skin, with the most effective skincare products, both today and everyday."

In the Press

"This non-greasy daily sunscreen lotion is perfect for golfers."

"An entire skincare routine in just one step. "

"It’s the easiest, most proven way for men to maintain healthy, long-lasting skin. "

"You can’t beat the simplicity and quality of Modern Ritual."

"For guys with all types of skin, The Daily is the face sunscreen & moisturizer you’re missing."

"A moisturizer, aftershave and sunscreen with mineral SPF 30 all-in-one "

Athletes & Celebrities

Brad Gilbert

“I've had many battles over the years with the sun. I put The Daily on in the morning for my defense because it feels really good and it's a great way to start your morning."

Katie Couric

"It’s the perfect all-in-one gift for the boys."

Nadia and Mike Bryan

"Mike (Bryan) and I have been using this product for quite some time now and we both love it."

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