Case Study: Rapid Virtual Dermatology in Primary Care

Case Study: Rapid Virtual Dermatology in Primary Care

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Meet Dr. Ryan Fowler of Fowler Medical Group

Dr. Fowler is a leading primary care physician and founder of Fowler Medical Group, a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice in Temple, Texas. The clinic has been open for four years, and is an avid believer in using the most advanced and effective solutions for his patients. He began using Modern Ritual's virtual dermatology platform to expand its service offerings in early 2023.  As a membership-based direct primary care clinic, Fowler Medical Group is dedicated in their pursuit to provide the highest quality patient care. From trusted EHR solutions like Hint, to groundbreaking dermatology platforms like Modern Ritual, Dr. Fowler is redefining what patient-centered care truly means.

How has incorporating Modern Ritual's tele-dermatology and tele-dermoscopy platform helped Dr. Fowler differentiate his clinic, enhance patient satisfaction, and increase annual clinic revenue while maintaining top-notch care? Keep reading to explore all of these areas and more below.

“Modern Ritual’s program has been a game changer for me and my clinic. My patients love not having to book another appointment with a dermatologist, it’s easy for me and my staff to use, and I’ve been impressed with the quality of their dermatologists.”

- Dr. Ryan Fowler



Fowler Medical Group is dedicated to comprehensive and prompt care delivery. Before using Modern Ritual, they lacked a cost-effective way to ensure patients received timely access to dermatology care without having to refer patients externally. 

Historically, when a patient presented with a suspicious skin spot of concern, such as an atypical nevi or a stubborn rash, Fowler clinic would depend on referrals to dermatology clinics in his area that might result in long waitlists and inconvenient appointment times for his patients. For the patients that had providers nearby, finding an in-network provider added additional challenges. 

This created an uncertain and inefficient environment of care for everyone involved. Dr. Fowler tried other consultative platforms in the past, but needed something that was best-in-class for Dermatology. He decided to give Modern Ritual’s program a try, and has been using it ever since.


A virtual dermatology and tele-dermoscopy platform for primary care providers

1. Easy in clinic dermatology assessment and imaging 

Fowler Medical Group initially decided to implement Modern Ritual for the patient-friendly experience. Instead of needing to refer out patients to a dermatology specialist, they could now offer dermatology spot checks in-office without the need for an additional visit. With Modern Ritual, Dr. Fowler’s clinical staff takes a dermoscopic image of a moles or a rash and submits them via a HIPAA-secure application, taking 3 minutes from start to finish.

2. Fast response from Modern Ritual Dermatologists

Fowler Medical Group no longer depends solely on outside dermatology clinics, which may result in undesirable wait times. In less than 2 days of submission, Dr. Fowler’s team receives a response via secure-email from a top, board-certified dermatologist regarding the skin lesion or rash of concern. This response may include a diagnoses, an alternative treatment plan or suggested biopsy techniques. 

3. Partnering with Local Dermatology Clinics to help Patients Be Seen More Quickly

Dr. Fowler can now ensure his patients receive the specialist care they need, when they need it. Modern Ritual works with local dermatology clinics to ensure patients who are in need of in-person appointments with a dermatologist may be seen more quickly than otherwise possible. Modern Ritual will work with your care team and coordinators to share these local partner clinics and support you in having your patients seen faster than otherwise possible. 



Financial ROI for Dr. Fowlers clinic

There are often prohibitive costs associated with offering dermatologic care in a primary care setting. However, Modern Ritual has enabled Dr. Fowler to offer dermatologic spot checks for a fraction of a dermatologist’s typical hourly rate. Additionally, it keeps more of his patients in-clinic, adding value to their monthly memberships.

In addition Modern Ritual allows Fowler Medical Center to generate a new stream of revenue. Dr. Fowler and his team offer this dermatology spot check as an add-on service to patients, more than making up for the cost associated with the Modern Ritual platform.

Confidence in Clinical decision making

While primary care providers have a wide breadth of knowledge, most patients may use their primary care provider like they were their dermatologist! Even with their extensive knowledge, keeping track of the evolving new drug therapies and best protocols can be exhausting and lead to additional concerns. Modern Ritual’s team of board-certified dermatologists offer the functional understanding needed for Dr. Fowler to confidently administer care, while also allowing his team to learn as they grow.

Patient Satisfaction

Dr. Fowler’s patients know if they have a skin spot of concern, Fowler Medical Group is able to administer an assessment in-clinic and a top dermatologist will review their particular case in-depth. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Instead of taking another day off of work or waiting months to be seen in-person with a provider in network, patients are able to have answers in less than 2 days, not weeks to months.

Ready to revolutionize your primary care practice with Modern Ritual's virtual dermatology platform? Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance patient satisfaction, increase revenue, and improve your confidence in care.

Contact our team today at or visit our website to schedule a same-day call and personalized demo. Discover how Modern Ritual can empower your clinic to deliver top-notch dermatology care in your primary care clinic while keeping your patients healthier and happier."

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